Turkish Asylum Seekers Foundation (TRASF) is a non-profit organization aims to advise and help Turkish Asylum Seekers in Sweden with their cases, raises awareness on asylum issues, and advocates their rights. The Foundation is also engaged in counseling and support services as many of Turkish Asylum applicants have friends, relatives, spouses, and siblings unlawfully arrested in Turkey.

Although it has been more than a year, many of Turkish Asylum seekers are still waiting for a decision by Migrationsverket as the backlog of cases apparently put a strain in the agency in handling and processing cases. Our estimate is that there are hundreds of Turkish asylum seekers who are accused of being a member of what the Turkish government labeled as a terrorist organization “FETÖ”, a derogatory name that was put in use by Turkish president Erdogan to describe participants of the civic group Gülen movement.

Participants of the movement who seek asylum here come from all kinds of professions including doctors, teachers, academics, businessman, who have never had any connection to any violence, terror or coup plotting. They have to flee Turkey to escape unprecedented crackdown that jailed some 60,000 people in a year or so and purged 160,000 people on the political witch hunt. The evidence cited by the government are ludicrously ranging from being a member to opposition union, reading critical newspapers, owning a dollar bill, downloading the smartphone messaging app called ByLock, or having an account on a bank associated with the movement.


“Turkey, Under The State of Emergency”