Flyktingtolk uppmanade till angiveri

On the post, the translator shared: “Europe’s Turks, Do not Hesitate. Report the Gülenists.” Important Call: Report Gülenists to This Number “. Photo: Facebook screenshot.

Asylum seekers testify that they are called landlords and terrorists by their interpreters. And an interpreter in Malmö has shared an invitation to indicate by Turkish regime critics.

Hasan seeks asylum in Sweden as opposition. When he sought health care in Malmö, he was assigned an interpreter who could translate Turkish.

“It had not even taken two to three minutes before the translator began to say,” You have betrayed Turkey, you betrayed your country, “he said.

Hasan says  he was chairman of a trade union in Turkey. He was also part of the popular movement that revolves around political activist Fehtullah Gülen alleged to have been involved in the coup attempt shaking Turkey in the summer of 2016. Since then, the Turkish government with President Erdogan has fought hard for the movement.

“Then we found out that this interpreter shared and urged people to indicate in their social media channels,” Hasan said.

On the Facebook Facebook page, it’s actually possible to find a shared post. It says: “Europe’s Turks, Do not Hesitate. Report the Gülenists.” Important Call: Report Gülenists to this Number “.

The interpreter that Hasan met is one in three in Malmö, as asylum seekers claim has taken a political position in his interpreting assignments.

P4 Malmöhus has  been in contact with the appointed translator who does not want to participate in an interview. The interpreter denies the allegations and claims to be black-painted by the asylum seekers.

The appointed interpreters were conveyed to the Region Skåne and Migration Board by the company Språkservice. The company’s CEO Marita Jönsson claims that they do not have any reports containing this type of allegations. But she takes the information very seriously.

– Should it come to light that an interpreter from this field commented on this type of comment, the collaboration would end immediately, she says.


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