Malmö mosque threatens regime critics in Sweden

Swedish turks are warning that they are being threatened by a Malmö mosque.

The threats hit critics of the regime in Turkey, who are worried that they will be arrested if they return to their home country.

This has since been discovered that mosques in Sweden report regime critics.

– Stupidities, says the president of the mosque.

Visitors to the Muslim Assembly in Malmö report that people sitting on the mosque’s board act hotly.

The chairman should have written threats on Facebook and the vice president has posed with weapons on social media.

The conflict started over a year ago.

In April 2017, the congregation donated its mosque room to a foundation controlled by the Turkish state.

DN’s reporter Niklas Orrenius could report that Turkey through state-run imams has influence in Swedish mosques.

Their mission includes reporting regime critics. 

The proposal to donate Malmö Hall, which was purchased for SEK 8 million in 2011, was preceded by great concern in the congregation.

Fear of being caught

Many Turkish regime critics are no longer welcome. The fear is great that they will be caught in Turkey if they return. 

– The same sort of purification that takes place in Turkey, which is also happening here in Sweden, said Bilal Karabudak, who was kicked as a treasurer from the assembly board, to DN.

By the end of March 2017, Ekot had told Turkey to register registry critic resident in Sweden. Something that the mosques denied.

But now visitors to the Muslim assembly in Malmö alert that the mosque president, Ekrem Genc, ​​threatened a regime critic.

“The police in Turkey will welcome you”

When one of them directed criticism of the mosque, the chairman’s profile answered on Facebook:

“It shows which honorable man you are. But do not worry. The police in Turkey will welcome you (with) flowers in your hand as they do to all other terrorists.” You and all the fellow members. “

The entry was written on the Facebook Facebook page of the church, from the chairman’s account, January 22, 2017.

Fetö, Fetullah Gülen’s terrorist organization, is the name that is used by law enforcement against opposition groups such as the Güleni movement.

When he contacts the chairman, he answers:

– I do not remember exactly. Somebody called me terrorist. It was personal. Then I responded.

Ekot and Dagens Nyheter have previously revealed that Turkey-supported mosques in Sweden report Erdogan critics who are at risk of being arrested when returning.Photo: AP / AP TT NYBYRÅN

President denies: “Do not know whose comment it is”

When he then sees the post, he says someone else wrote it.

– It says my name and my picture on the post. Whose comment it is, I do not know.

According to the president, the mosque’s Facebook page has been hijacked two years ago. Which prompted you to start a new page.

However, the threat that is now being alerted should have been posted on his own Facebook page.

“I would like to know who that person is writing a lot of stupidities,” he says.

The Moscow president says that there are also “stupidities” reporting regime critics.

– Yes, there are those who claim it. It’s stupid. If we report someone we will do that to the Swedish police.

When the Evening Post asks if someone hijacked his Facebook account, he does not respond.

Moscow deputy chairman posed with weapons

Between 2002 and 2015, the parish received at least SEK 120,000 per year in state grants, according to the SST Support Agency.

Now the Malmö Mosque receives its contribution via the National Organization.

In 2016, the Muslim Assembly was awarded a diploma of Malmö City for crime prevention work and offering “young contact with positive role models”.

Posed with weapons

Several former mosque visitors are critical.

They have reacted, among other things, to the fact that the mosque vice president had previously posed with weapons on Facebook. 

On the same day as the September 11 attacks, he put up an image of social media where he is in a weapon.

He says he is not aware of any threats and chooses not to comment on the criticism.



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