The Migration Board disregards data and denies asylum seekers residence permits

Age is crucial for the children who applied for asylum in Sweden – those under the age of 18 are allowed for a residence permit while those over the age of 18 may be forced to leave the country.

Because it has often been difficult to determine age on the asylum seeker’s own tasks, as well as assessments from social services and family homes, the RMA has been assigned to make medical assessments in difficult cases.

All data should be considered when the Migration Board decides whether a person is going to obtain a residence permit or not – but now SVT News’s reviews show that the agency places much more weight on the medical age assessment than other tasks.

In October last year, SVT requested the 100 most recent decisions on residence permits issued by the Swedish Migration Board on single-parent children and young people from Afghanistan.

In 66 of them, it was clear what the social services made for their assessments, and in 42 cases, the authority considered that it was obvious that it was about persons under the age of 18 years.

The Migration Board, on the other hand, has only achieved the same results in three cases. When SVT examined the decisions, it appears that the Swedish Migration Board attaches great importance to the medical age assessments and apart from what social secretaries, good or family homes write in their certificates.

When Daniel Salehi, Migration Board’s process leader in the quality department, confronts with the data, he says that they will investigate the matter further.

– In general, this does not mean that data contained in the case is not valued. If that does, we have to look at it, he says.



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